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Results from Tuesday’s May 16th Municipal Primary

With election day votes and mail-in votes counted (minus any military and overseas ballots, which have until May 23rd to be received by the County Board of Elections), here are some of the results from our local elections.

Rose Tree Media School District School Director

We swept up big wins for Democrats Hillary Fletcher, Jackie Gusic, Shelly Hunt, Karleen Krenicky, and Cameron Stevens, who together received over 85% of the total Democratic vote.

Combined, the Democrats for School Director received 57.72% versus the Republicans’ 42.28% of the total votes cast by Republicans and Democrats in this Municipal Primary as of the time of this writing on 5/17/2023 around 5PM.

Court of Common Pleas

Rachel Ezzell Berry secured the Democratic nomination with over 75% of the 53,704 votes cast in the Democratic primary against Republican Dawn Getty Sutphin. But given the 34,578 Republicans who showed up to vote for Sutphin in this primary, and the 13,097 Democrats who voted for the cross-filed Republican on the Democratic ticket, we’ll all need to work together to get out the vote for Rachel in November.

Magisterial District Judge

Unfortunately, Media Dems’ endorsed candidate Pat Henigan did not secure enough write-in votes to earn the nomination. Liz Gallard received 3,845 votes to 445 unresolved write-ins in the Democratic primary. Write-ins accounted for 17% of the Republican vote and 10% of the Democratic vote in this race.

Media Borough Council

Finally, the Media Democrats’ endorsed candidates for borough council, Lisa Gelman, Tray Herman, and Paul Robinson, received the most votes and will proceed to the general election.

We congratulate our opponents on a race well run and look forward to their support this fall. We are stronger together. And together we can achieve great things for our Borough.

Results Media Borough Council May 16th 2023 Municipal Primary Candidate, Votes, Percent; Lisa Gelman, 738, 20.31%; Tray Herman, 628, 17.28%; Paul Robinson, 611, 16.81%; Jen Malkoun, 601, 16.54%; Terry Rumsey, 538, 14.80%; Dell Jackson, 518, 14.25%; Cast Votes, 3634, 100.00%;

Full results from Tuesday’s May 16th Municipal Primary available at

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