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Our Platform

A Future for Everybody - Climate Resiliency

Facing a changing climate together

Media Democrats on Borough Council have long been pioneers in mitigating climate change, from making us the ‘Solar Capital of PA’, weekly compost pickups, implementing energy-saving initiatives, prioritizing stormwater management, investing in pollinator gardens ...

A Future for Everybody - Cybersecurity

Staying Connected and Protecting our Borough

Every time we connect to the Internet, we expose ourselves to cybercriminals and their malicious intentions. Cyber attacks are a growing threat to individuals, businesses, and governments...

A Future for Everybody - Protecting our Parks and Open Space Opportunities

Imagining an even more wonderful Media.

Parks are an important part of our community. Despite the many and increasing demands on our budget, over the past several years Media Democrats on Borough Council have made it a priority ...

Accessibility for Everybody

A Borough for All

Accessibility is one of the most pressing issues facing the Borough today. Media is a very walkable town, one that provides a wealth of information to its residents, but not all of us get around or access information the same way. Whether you’re pushing a stroller or using a wheelchair, driving your own vehicle or using public transit ...


Balanced candidates with a balanced approach to governance

From stormwater management, traffic calming, and strong public safety, to pollinator gardens and composting, to imagining the future of Third Street ... all of these initiatives work together to create the unique community that is Media Borough. Our candidates understand the critical importance of balancing the many needs of our community...


A strong, sustainable community

The strength of our community is our ability to appreciate and celebrate our differences and come together as residents of Media in our wonderful borough. Our common spaces and events help us achieve the goal of community. One of the things we love most about Media is that, regardless of political, religious, or other affiliation or identity, we respect and treat each other as neighbors first.

Community Involvement in Local Governance

Earning and maintaining your trust

Media is one of the most transparent local governments around. Media Dems have always highly valued local involvement in local government. That is why, unlike many of our neighbors, we have open comment twice per public meeting, we welcome voices from outside our community to speak at our meetings, we have two full-time customer service-focused Borough staff members ...


Building on Media Democrats' accomplishments over the past 40 years

As Democrats, we tend not to boast about our achievements. But did you know that much of Media’s success is due to the accomplishments of Media Democrats over the past 40 years? Without their efforts, there would be no Media Elementary School and no Media Theatre. Media Democrats have substantially supported Media Arts Council for decades and provided the support that made the new Media Library building possible.

Fiscal Responsibility

Investing where it counts

Media Democrats have long insisted on realistic, balanced budget plans - the foundation of any vibrant community. We will ensure that purchases and projects have a return on investment and that their maintenance costs are factored into decision-making. Solid budget planning has enabled much of the amazing things Media has to offer ...

Local Business

Small businesses are the backbone of our community

Media’s local businesses and the State Street district are a vital part of our Borough. We want to make sure that our businesses have the support they need to contribute to our sustained economic health. Whether we are sponsoring events to draw visitors to dine and shop in town ...

Public Safety & Support for our Fire Company

Keep our first responders local and plan for the future

Coming in at just over three quarters of a square mile, Media nonetheless has a complicated variety of streets with parks, homes, apartments, government buildings, schools, and businesses large and small. That’s why it is critically important that our first responders - police, fire, ambulance - understand our community’s unique terrain. And it is just as important that they know us, the people who live and work here.

Responsible Growth & Affordable Housing

Living our motto "Everybody's Hometown"

There is a critical shortage of homes and housing nationwide. We value maintaining and encouraging the diversity of Media. It is important to plan increases to our housing supply responsibly so we can achieve long-term sustainable growth. That is why we are supportive of ongoing efforts initiated by Media Democrats on Council, including Hybrid Form-Based Zoning ...

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