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What's In Your Ballot? Mail-In Ballots are Arriving & Early In-Person Voting Begins!

Make a plan to be a voter in this year's Municipal Primary Elections in Pennsylvania on May 16th! You can print out this sample ballot, or bookmark this page for when you go to vote. Important dates, deadlines, websites, and hotline can be found below the sample ballot. Then call three of your friends and family and ask them how they plan to be a voter in this primary election!

You can find out more about the candidates listed on the Sample Ballot below by visiting our website:

Office: {Democrat: Lever} Judge of the Supreme Court (vote for one…): {“McCaffrey, Dan”: A11} Judge of the Superior Court (vote for two…): {“Lane, Timika”: A22; “Beck, Jill”: A23}  Judge of Commonwealth Court (vote for one…): {“Wolf, Matthew”: A31} Judge of the Court of Common Pleas (vote for one…): {“Berry, Rachel Ezzell”: A43} County Council (vote for three…): {“Schaefer, Elaine”: A51; “Taylor, Monica”: A52; “Reuther, Christine”: A53} District Attorney (vote for one…): {“Stollsteimer, Jack”: A61} Magisterial District Judge 32 1 28 (vote for one…): {“Henigan, Patrick T." (write-in only…)} School Director Rose Tree Media School District (vote for five…): {“Gusic, Jackie”: A82; “Fletcher, Hillary”: A83; “Stevens, Cameron”: A85; “Hunt, Shelley”: A88; “Krenicky, Karleen”: A89} Media Borough Council (vote for three…): {“Gelman, Lisa”: A182; “Herman, Tray”: A184; “Robinson, Paul”: A185}
Media Democratic Committee Sample Ballot

Voter Registration Deadline: May 1st, 2023

Deadline to Vote Early In-Person: May 9th, 2023

Mail Ballot Return Deadline: May 16th, 2023 - must be received by County Board of Elections before 8PM on Election Day.

Primary Election Day 2023: May 16th, 2023 from 7AM to 8PM

Find out how to fill out and return your Mail-In Ballot:

Need Immediate Support? Call PA DEMS Voter Assistance Hotline: 833-PAVOTES (833-728-6837)

Voicemails will be returned.

For More Information:

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