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Unofficial Results November 2023 Municipal General

Unofficial county results indicate that Democrats Lisa Gelman, Tray Herman, and Paul Robinson, have won election to Media Borough council. The Democratic candidates received 75% of the votes for three council positions (4703 of the total 6311 cast). Congratulations to Lisa and Paul, who will remain on council, and to Tray, who will be joining them in January. They will continue to keep Media on track.

The unofficial results reflect a deepening blue hue to Delaware County. Democrats Hillary Fletcher, Jackie Gusic, Shelly Hunt, Karleen Krenicky, and Cameron Stevens won election to the RTMSD school board; Democrats Rachel Ezzell Berry and Jack Stollsteimer were elected as common pleas judge and district attorney, respectively; and Democrats Dr. Monica Taylor, Elaine Paul Schaefer, and Christine Reuther won return to county council. Congratulations to them and all who ran hard and well this election.

Full results are available at the link below. Final results will be posted after the Provisional Ballots are counted which will be at least next week.

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