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We were shocked (but not surprised) when we compared our Campaign Finance Reports

"Local is better." We've said this throughout the primary campaign, and we mean what we say. We will not be beholden to outside interests - our commitment is to you and to our town. That's why the Media Democratic Committee does not solicit money or endorsements from outside the Borough.

Take a look at our Campaign Finance Report, filed with the Pennsylvania Department of State: under "Financials". You'll see that our volunteers have raised $7,653.70 to date, to help cover expenses like printing and postage. That's fairly typical for us in a primary campaign. Of this amount, only $130 (1.7% of the total amount) was contributed from outside Media Borough.

We compared our contributor list with the funding sources of our opponents in this Democratic primary. They have received $17,041.50 (53% of their total amount) from outside Media to date. That's more than 170 times what one contributor sent us from Washington, DC, plus the $30 we received from one supporter in Upper Providence! By contrast, our opponents have taken money from near (Swarthmore, the Main Line, Washington Square West in Philadelphia), to far (Atlantic City, Brooklyn, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh), to farther still (West Virginia, Ohio, Illinois, Utah, and across the continent to California). Their financial reports are on their website.

We think it's fair to ask: whose "new vision" do they see for our community? If you agree that local funding is better, the choice is clear - on May 16th, join us in voting for our Endorsed Democratic slate of borough council candidates: Lisa Gelman, Tray Herman and Paul Robinson. Together, we'll keep Media on track.

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