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Preliminary Primary Election Results and NVD calls to concede

We are excited to announce that the preliminary results of the Democratic Primary election indicate that our three Endorsed candidates for Media Borough Council – Tray Herman, Lisa Gelman and Paul Robinson - have won and will continue to the General election in November.

We received a gracious concession call from NVD campaign manager Robin Lasersohn at 10:23pm this evening. We congratulated them on a well-run campaign and said we look forward to working together to defeat the Republicans in the fall.

Thank you to all of the poll workers, poll watchers, campaign volunteers and, of course, the voters themselves who placed their vote in our Endorsed candidates. We believe strongly in the democratic process and we will continue to uphold our Democratic values and support responsible growth of the town we all love. We look forward to continuing the campaign of our Endorsed candidates and supporting their race through the General election on November 7th.

Meetings for the Media Democrats are monthly and open to all registered Democrats living in the Borough. To get alerts about our meetings and to learn more about our organization, make sure to subscribe below!

(Sent awkwardly from Tap24 on my cellphone!)

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