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Join us for mochi donuts & coffee this Saturday Jan 27th 10AM - 2PM @ Borough Hall Parlor - with your state Rep Jenn O'Mara!

The 2024 Primary Petition Season starts today, January 23rd! We have important races this year including a contested 5-way primary race for State Attorney General. To kick off this important part of our electoral process, Media Democrats will be enjoying mochi donuts and coffee in the comfort of the Borough Hall Parlor located at the Media Municipal Center, 301 N Jackson Street, Media, PA 19063.

Besides signing petitions and meeting committee people, you'll get the opportunity to learn more about ways to get involved this year. We especially need your help by volunteering to greet voters at the polls in neighboring Republican-dominated precincts, many of which don't have a single Democratic greeter. As anyone who has volunteered as a poll watcher or greeter can tell you, it's a one-of-a-kind experience, and one I look forward to every election!

Here's a list of the offices up for election this year:

National Offices 

President of the United States: Joe Biden (Incumbent) 

U.S. House PA District 5: Mary Gay Scanlon (Incumbent) 

U.S. Senate PA: Bob Casey (Incumbent), Blaine Forkner 

Statewide Offices 

Attorney General: Keir Bradford-Grey, Eugene DePasquale, Joe Khan, Jared Solomon, Jack Stollsteimer 

Auditor General: Malcolm Kenyatta 

Treasurer: Ryan Bizzarro

Local State Offices 

165th PA House of Representative: Jennifer O’Mara

We're looking forward to seeing you!

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