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Breaking News: The Future of Third Street

It’s a day that has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! Delaware County Council, led by Democrats, has finalized an agreement with The Broomall’s Lake Country Club to purchase a permanent conservation easement on approximately 4 acres of Club property along Third Street in Media. The conservation easement prohibits future development of those 4 acres. County Council will pay $650,000 for the easement and the Borough will contribute an additional $218,125 for the purchase of related right of way. Most importantly, after nearly 12 years Media will be relieved of the legal obligation to rebuild a dam across Broomall’s Run. This is a great win for our Borough.

A big thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly over the years to turn what seemed like a thin hope into reality, including Delaware County Council, Keep Media Green, and the Friends of Glen Providence Park. Borough Council and its professional staff, too, deserve credit for their role in coaxing and, at times, prodding the process forward.

Now comes the exciting part - envisioning the future of Third Street…

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