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Local and Congressional Leaders attend 2022 Media Pride

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

On Sunday, June 26th local and congressional leaders representing Media Borough attended Mayor Bob McMahon's reading of our Pride Proclamation.

Watch the video below to see Mayor McMahon read Media Borough's Pride Proclamation and our speakers: Borough Vice President Liz Romaine, PA State Rep. Jen O'Mara, Congresswoman May Gay Scanlon.

We thank Rep. O'Mara, Congresswoman Scanlon, Borough Vice President Romaine and Mayor McMahon for showing up for Freedom of Choice and the Freedom to Love.

How to Support these Pennsylvania Pro-Choice, Pro-LGBTQ and Pro-Gun Safety Candidates in 2022

Volunteer, Canvassing, Re-Electing and Electing More Democrats in state and national elections. See list of candidates below:



A stronger Democratic majority in both the Pennsylvania Legislature and D.C. Congress will protect and expand civil rights, voting rights, codify roe, gun safety, healthcare, reinstate the Child Tax Credit, protect LGBTQ rights and override illegitimate SCOTUS decisions. A Republican majority won't get you anything. Plan accordingly. See you November 8th.

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