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Fiscal Responsibility

Media Democrats have long insisted on realistic, balanced budget plans - the foundation of any vibrant community. We will ensure that purchases and projects have a return on investment and that their maintenance costs are factored into decision-making. Solid budget planning has enabled much of the amazing things Media has to offer - a full complement of government services, including twice weekly trash pickup, weekly compost pickup, free shade trees, rain gardens and stormwater management, and fully-funded emergency services.
In addition to these, we have been able to improve stormwater management, help upgrade the library, and plan to reinvigorate Plum Street Mall and reimagine the former 3rd Street dam, just as a few examples.
Of course, taxes are the major source of revenue for the Borough. Media Democrats serving on council have always taken a conservative approach to local taxes, which are considerably lower than many of our neighboring communities. We believe it is key for our residents to keep their local taxes low, which enables many of our neighbors to continue to live and retire here.
We feel strongly that fiscal responsibility is vital to our continued growth, success, and prosperity as a community. We have always been willing to invest in our community while maintaining the services and infrastructure that our residents deserve. It all comes down to balancing the present and future needs of our community.

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