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Community Involvement in Local Governance

Media is one of the most transparent local governments around. Media Dems have always highly valued local involvement in local government. That is why, unlike many of our neighbors, we have open comment twice per public meeting, we welcome voices from outside our community to speak at our meetings, we have two full-time customer service-focused Borough staff members, and we have invested tens of thousands in digital communications with our popular newsletter, social media channels and newly redesigned website that are available to everyone free of charge.

Whenever we are in the planning process, we insist that there are multiple opportunities for the public to weigh in. It is our practice to identify and involve any and all stakeholders when considering new initiatives.
We are always looking for ways to improve the local government and resident experience.

We are committed to continuing to provide our residents with reliable information, important news and insights into what’s going on in the Borough.

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