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Responsible Growth & Affordable Housing

“The Borough is taking the time, effort, and funds to study affordable housing solutions so we can make sure we are doing our part responsibly.” - Paul Robinson

There is a critical shortage of homes and housing nationwide. We value maintaining and encouraging the diversity of Media. It is important to plan increases to our housing supply responsibly so we can achieve long-term sustainable growth. That is why we are supportive of ongoing efforts initiated by Media Democrats on Council, including Hybrid Form-Based Zoning, which is scheduled to be passed this Spring, and an upcoming affordable housing study to help identify real-world answers that can work for our community. Throughout this process, we are committed to keeping your taxes low and the level of services high.

“Media really is wonderful, and watching it grow over the past seventeen years has warmed my heart. I love our tree-lined sidewalks, streetlights, and mix of diverse housing, neighborhoods, and businesses. I think we can preserve Media as it is, grow responsibly, and through increased communication with other Boroughs, help others follow our same model.” – Lisa Gelman

Because of our high walkability, vibrant downtown district, beautiful parks and welcoming community, the Borough is in high demand. We strive to keep Media on its successful track and believe Media can become even more vibrant, diverse, and welcoming to residents from all walks of life. We will listen to our community as we continue to explore opportunities to improve Everybody’s Hometown.

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